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  • October Macros
    Every October I participate in a photo challenge and this year I am shooting that […]
  • Methow Valley Memorial Day Rodeo
    Winthrop, Washington, May 28th, 2022 We had a wonderful time watching the showmanship and skill […]
  • Updated Concert Portfolio/Gallery
    I’ve updated my concert gallery, and will continue to do so. I am looking to […]
  • Updated Wildlife Gallery
    Just a short blog post – the Wildlife Gallery has been updated with some recent […]
  • Eagles on the Flats
    We took a trip up to the Samish Flats here in our home state in […]
  • Simple Nikon Z9 High ISO Comparison
    This writeup is a comparison of the Nikon Z9 at high ISO as compared to […]
  • Tis the Season
    Things are going to be somewhat slow for the next couple of weeks or longer. […]
  • An Unexpected Journey
    (Not a Hobbit’s Tale) Sometimes life puts us on an expected path for a brief […]
  • Gallery Updates
    I’ve updated both the Wildlife – Birds gallery and the Landscapes – General gallery with […]
  • Some Backyard Bird Fun
    I took out the new (to me) Nikon 600mm f4g AFS lens and sat on […]
  • Some Spandex For You
    I recently spent a few days in Las Vegas with my better half and on […]
  • Shopping online!
    Now you can order prints directly through Pixels! If you see something in any of […]
  • Updated! Photography Reference Pages – Links
    We’ve added a links menu item that contains some useful links to other sites that […]
  • Site Update
    Been working on getting the site set up and galleries defined and at least one […]