This page is for links to other sites. Whether it be information, forums, printing, and other photographers sites, you’ll find it here. Please note TL Robinson photography is not responsible for the content on sites linked here. We try to only link sites that are of the highest caliber and that we feel provide relevant information and/or community.

Keith’s Frame of Mind – A fantastic photographer, who also does custom printing, framing, and also builds some remarkable furniture and other items. Highly recommended for anything you may want printed to a custom size and framed, and shipped direct to you. If you see something here that you want done up right, hit the contact link and we’ll work with Keith to make it happen!

Thom Hogan – Thom puts out some great information and articles covering a broad spectrum of information, education, technique tips, etc. He has several subsites:,, all of which provide valuable information.

Steve Perry/Backcountry Gallery – Another great source for information, education, and technique tips. Steve’s books on the Nikon AF system (both DSLR and mirrorless) are invaluable in understanding how the AF system on Nikon’s cameras works and how to get the most out of them.

Nikon Rumors – Just what the site title says, good, and often accurate, information about what is or may be coming from Nikon!

Nikon Cafe – One of the best online communities for Nikon shooters in general but they welcome all, so even if you shoot something not Nikon, it’s a great place to visit!