Greetings. I realized today it’s been a year since I posted anything on my *own* website. Life can get crazy sometimes and while I’m sure my readership is hovering right around zero, I figured I should probably start paying a little better attention here.

To be fair, up until recently I have not been shooting a lot. Between my day job(s), of which photography is not what pays my bills, performing with a band again, and general mayhem, I have not had as much time as I would like doing one of the things I love.

I am, however diving back in headfirst and trying to incorporate shooting into my every day life and activities, making room to at least shoot *something* each day.

So that’s it that’s the update. I have a ton of photos to process in the queue going back to Labor Day weekend rodeo shoot, some shows, and as above, my daily efforts. So hopefully I can generate some new traffic here and make the site slightly more interesting!

All the best!