Things are going to be somewhat slow for the next couple of weeks or longer. A family emergency has me back in Tennessee for an undetermined amount of time and shooting opportunities are limited.

I had planned on writing up a real-world ISO comparison of my Nikon Z6, D850 and the new flagship Z9 before the holidays however, the main center piece of the write up, the Z9, has not yet shipped, and Nikon has been somewhat vague about when we’ll see the first shipments. I did get some assurance from my local shop that I should have my camera in the first batch, so hoping that by the time I return to home base, I’ll be able to get out with all three bodies, shoot a show, and provide some useful feedback on the new body.

That’s about it for the time being. If I get out and shoot some I’ll post some samples.

Happy Holidays to all – whatever you celebrate and however you celebrate! Cheers!